Cake Drums Round 10 Inches – White – Sturdy 1/2 Inch Thick – Professional Smooth Straight Edges

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10 inches in diameter
1/2 inch thick corrugated cardboard for strong, sturdy support
Wrapped in embossed grease-proof white foil
Professional smooth straight edges – Complete with FREE satin cake ribbon


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Present your cake beautifully and professionally

You’ve worked hard on producing a beautiful cake and want to display it on a platform worthy of it.

Protect your cake with a strong and sturdy base

The last thing you want is to have your cake on a weak board that could bend or even collapse and damage your masterpiece.

Free Cake Ribbon with Large Multipacks

Two free rolls of champagne gold satin cake ribbon with 6-PACKS and 12-PACKS only.

Sturdy 1/2 Inch Thick

Professional Smooth Straight Edges

Smooth Edges

Other cake drums have pleated edges which diminish the overall look of the cake. Ours have smooth edges to maintain a look of high quality and professionalism.

Great Value Multipacks Available

If you prefer buying in bulk to save time and money then check out the multipack options which represent great value for money.

Additional information

Pack Quantity

1, 3, 6, 12


1/2 inch


10 inches



24 reviews for Cake Drums Round 10 Inches – White – Sturdy 1/2 Inch Thick – Professional Smooth Straight Edges

  1. natalie bryn

    These are great because of the uniformity of the design so no matter if it’s 8, 10 or 12, they all look the same! Very sturdy and make a wonderful display!


    Love the quality of this product!!

  3. mswoods39

    I really liked these boards.. they are beautifully designed and easy to clean.

  4. Sheree

    I purchased these drums a few weeks ago. They are not 100% grease-proof. That isn’t the biggest issue for me, since the parts I get icing on are the spots the cake will remain after finishing. The big issue that I have is that most of the boards have a bow in them—they aren’t completely flat. So if you just lay the drum on the counter, or any flat surface, you can literally rock it like a see-saw. This makes it extremely difficult to base ice on these drums, as the sides of the finished cake won’t be at a 90° angle around the entire circumference of the cake. I’m writing this review in hopes that the packaging will be improved, so that these drums aren’t so tightly packaged, that they begin to bend..or whatever may be causing this bending issue. If that’s fixed, I’d definitely be a repeat customer!

    UPDATE: The company has (quickly) replaced the warped cake drums with a new pack, and the new pack isn’t warped! No more rocking cake drums! Thank you!

  5. Meyer

    Love these cake drums. Sturdy enough for my heavy cakes and look great too!!! I love that I can get so many at a time, the value is much better that way!

  6. T. H. Flint

    I really like these cake drums. Saves time and I’m not using up all my cake circles to make drums. With that being said I’ve found them at a better price in my local restaurant supply store. These are prefect if you don’t have that option.

  7. flandau

    I own a small cake company and I love using these cake drums. They are sturdy and the added banding on the edges adds a clean look to my cakes.

  8. Sheri

    Very sturdy for cakes.

  9. Eri R

    Very sturdy will buy again soon!

  10. Sandra Vdinson

    Very nice , worth the money

  11. Krystal Lovato

    Hands down my favorite cake boards. They are study, grease proof, and a great value!

  12. HH

    I use these 10 inch boards for my 8 inch 2 tiered cakes. They hold up really well. I transfer in and out of the fridge constantly while working on my cakes and the board doesn’t crease, bend, stain, or absorb any oils. Will definitely purchase again.

  13. barbara

    Great cake drums

  14. Jeremy

    As a cake decorator my time is valuable and I used to make my own cake drums. You know hot glue 3 boards together, cover in fondant and trim with ribbon. It’s great. You can make a drum for less than $1, but there are so many steps involved. These drums look amazing. I never cover them in fondant. I never trim them with ribbon. And I’m so happy with the result. The 10″ size is pretty versatile, I would love some 12″ ones, but for most of my normal orders the 10″ is perfect. These are a great deal at roughly $2.50/drum and like I said before are a huge time saver. Will continue ordering.

  15. Misty Hawkins

    These are good and sturdy drums. They look nice as well.

  16. Maria

    Sturdy and looks better/more
    Presentable than cakeboard

  17. Dark Rhino

    Very sturdy and nicely packaged. A must have for special event cakes!

  18. Gabrielle

    Sturdy, durable ( looks like you can reuse them).
    Good value for the money. The cake rounds have a beautiful design on them, gives a look of elegance with your cake on it.
    Happy I made the purchase…

  19. Toni Ngo

    Good cake drum overall.

  20. Clair Keith

    Love these boards, order over & over again!.. very strong and easily wiped too!

  21. Kathy A.

    I’ve purchased these before. Sturdy and perfectly white. Arrive in excellent condition and reasonably priced..Great product!

  22. usuallyhappy

    Nice sturdy cake board

  23. Happy

    It’s very sturdy

  24. Maida C

    This brand of cake drum is my go to.

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