12 Inch Round, White Plastic Cake Drums – 1/2 Inch Thick

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12 inches in diameter
1/2 inch thick plastic for strong, sturdy support
Completely greaseproof!



Present Your Cakes Beautifully and Professionally

You’ve worked hard on producing a beautiful cake and want to display it on a platform worthy of it.


Protect Your Cake With a Strong and Sturdy Base

The last thing you want is to have your cake on a weak board that could bend or even collapse and damage your masterpiece. Our plastic cake drums are even stronger than their cardboard alternatives.


FREE Cake Ribbon With Large Multi-Packs

Two free rolls of champagne gold satin cake ribbon with 6-PACKS and 12-PACKS only.


Greaseproof and Reusable

They are also completely greaseproof and can even be wiped down and reused.


Great Value Multi-Packs Available

If you prefer buying in bulk to save time and money then check out the multipack options which represent great value for money.

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Pack Quantity

1, 3, 6, 12

31 reviews for 12 Inch Round, White Plastic Cake Drums – 1/2 Inch Thick

  1. Montserrat Bellini

    I regret I have to return them because I need a size bigger. They look very sturdy and very well made. Next time I need it I will order again.
    This company has excellent customer service. I just got a pack of 3 cake bases and they are wonderful. Excellent quality and excellent service.

  2. S.D. Denny

    Great quality and they give my cakes a more professional and finished appearance! I’ve tried other brands and they just didn’t hit the mark.

  3. AN

    Nice. Seems very sturdy to me and thick!

  4. The RAD DAD

    Great product. Wasn’t sure it would work as well as the cardboard cake drums I normally get but it’s actually sturdier, completely grease proof (as you’d expect, given it’s plastic) and I was able to wipe it down and use it more than once. Will definitely buy again.

  5. Lori Blanchard

    I have no clue why people gave these a bad review.. They are perfect! My daughter made this 9in cake the drum is very sturdy!

  6. Dawn

    The cake was moved 4 times and the board worked well. I was worried the plastic would crack due to the weight but it didn’t.

  7. irene base

    They are plastic not cardboard. Just saying because I for some reason thought they were normal cake boards, but they’re not. They still work.

  8. Miriam Araque

    Para una torta de cumpleaños

  9. Frank Stonehouse

    Came as ordered. Reusable cake boards.

  10. Zxenia Miller

    I’m not sure about the other reviews mentioning damage but everyone does indeed have different experiences so I understand that. But with my order my 12inch plastic drum board came in perfect shape/condition. No marks, no dings, no discoloration.. exactly as ordered! I think I’ll definitely order for future purpose because this beats the cake boards at Michael’s

  11. Grammie

    I used this for my home made Pineapple Upside Down Cake that was going to transport for my church meeting. The cake round held the cake without it moving in transport. The akr round cleaned beautifully and easy to store.

  12. sergey kutsiy

    This cake board is so beautiful and a really good quality. You can reuse it.

  13. Dee Perez

    I thought it was at least 2 boards, my mistake. Very sturdy and durable

  14. Alanna Tyler

    I have ordered these in the past and lived them. I could make mine cheaper, but my time buying the supplies plus making them, it’s more convenient purchasing these,

  15. emily

    Used this for a four layer 12″ cake. Probably 25+ lbs and the cake board did great! Sturdy, great value, looked nice. Easy to wipe excess buttercream off.

  16. RammingGull

    So, not a knock on the board itself which has been sturdy and fine, but dang they’re like 1/16 an inch too big to fit in my cake carrier. I knew it would be snug but the lid just can’t quite close using these. Its been useful to display cakes and other desserts (like pie) on the table that i’m not trying to take somewhere else.

  17. C.Rahm

    Nice sturdy piece. Was packaged well and arrived with no marking, dents or tears. Solid enough to be able to hold a very heavy tier wedding cake. Quality made and would buy again.

  18. Stephanie Marso

    The product arrived quickly and very well packaged, it is a great product! I was incredibly pleased to be able to affordably buy only a single cake drum too!

  19. Karlee Taylor

    I am a repeat shopper of these drums. They are absolutely perfect. Sturdy and great price. I couldn’t be happier with them!

  20. Beth N

    I’ve been using cake boards to put cakes and tarts on, which are fine, but I’m continually having to re-purchase them. These plastic cake boards are strong, plain, and fill the bill. I’ll be ordering more.

  21. Beth N

    I’ve been using cake boards to put cakes and tarts on, which are fine, but I’m continually having to re-purchase them. These plastic cake boards are strong, plain, and fill the bill. I’ll be ordering more.

  22. jag512

    I have moved from using cheaper cake boards to using this brand of cake drums for all of my cakes, and am very happy with the sturdiness and quality of the boards. The only possible complaint is that sometimes the surface catches my scraper as I smooth the sides of the cake on the board. I find it faster and easier to decorate on the board rather than transferring a cake onto it after smoothing for the most part.

  23. Sherri

    Very sturdy and excellent quality

  24. Kristie W

    Nice and sturdy board for tiered cake

  25. Sweet T.

    Love these…💕

  26. Junezpair

    It looks great. Very sturdy! Perfect for the heavy cake I will be making!

  27. Heidi T.

    This was a HEAVY cake once I got done. This held up 12 cake layers (4 tiers of 3 layers each).

  28. PG

    Perfect fit for my cake carrier/storage container.

  29. Mea Thompson

    I’ve used this brand of boards multiple times and they are SO worth the price! They make frosting so easy because you can wipe them clean, they are extremely sturdy, and make transportation a breeze.

    My only complaint would be that they come slightly warped but they even out once the weight of the cake is on top.

    I will be purchasing these time and time again!

  30. H B.

    Sturdy base for tiered wedding cake. I felt confident from transport to serving… highly recommend!

  31. Denny N

    Used for a wedding cake. Sturdy and trust worthy!

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