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Our collaborators are passionate about baking and excellent presentation. Here you’ll get a chance to discover products they love and personally recommend. 

Beautiful Cake Designs Supported by Sturdy Cake Drums

Cake by Cakesbyludy

Cake by Crescentcakestx

Cake by Noontreats

“I switched to CakeBon products completely few months back when I discovered them on Amazon. Their quality and services are absolutely amazing! What I like most of all is the sturdiness and the sharp edges of their cake drums along with them being grease proof! I highly recommend them!”



“The first time I ordered CakeBon cake drums I was so impressed; I knew there was no going back to other brands! These cake drums instantly add a professional look to my designs, plus they are so sturdy for even my heaviest cake. It’s great being able to order such professional, affordable cake drums and have them delivered to me quickly.”



“I discovered CakeBon on Amazon a couple of years ago after having a really hard time with regular cake boards that did not support heavy cakes. I have been using CakeBon’s drums in several colors and styles and absolutely love them. They are sturdy, well made and CakeBon also has really great communication and customer service which is a bonus.”



Our Cake Drums are Perfect for Home Bakers and Professionals

Cake by Bakingbymiriam

Cake by Morgycakes

Cake by Hbcuppycakes

“I love the white cake drums by CakeBon! They completely elevate the look of all of my finished pieces! I used to waste so much time covering cardboard rounds in florist foil and I still couldn’t get a final result that looked this good. They save me so much time and they take my cakes to the next level!”



“CakeBon’s cake boards are sturdy and well made, come in a variety of shapes, colors and sizes. I’m thrilled to be collaborating with them because they make good affordable products for the everyday baker.”



“The CakeBon cake drums are so sturdy and held up this 4-tier 90-lb wedding cake so well! Bonus points that the sides are not wrapped around, and solid, so it looks very professional and streamlined when you add a ribbon around it. I’m definitely a believer in their products!”



“Definitely Recommend. I love my CakeBon drums because of how sturdy they are and how beautiful they look. I have been purchasing my CakeBon drums for the past two years from Amazon and I have used majority of there sizes 6 inch to 14 inch rounds and squares for my cakes for all occasions. My forever go to cake drums.”



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